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Layout Tours Rick Allen.pdf

Rick Allen - Norfolk Southern Piedmont Division 

Estate Sized layout loosely modelling NS mainline Spencer to Selma NC.  Trackwork mostly complete, accommodates multiple 40-50 car trains simultaneously.  Staging yards below.  Mountain centerpiece hides hidden loops between levels.  More than 70 Tortoise equipped turnouts, 60 to 78-inch curves, code 100 rails, will have working signals in future.

Layout Tours Russ Austin.pdf

Russ Austin - Norfolk Southern 

Large layout is personally named Archer Lodge of NS. Has separate Dispatcher’s Desk with computer screen showing active train locations on custom programmed schematic of layout.  Duck-unders are swing away or elevating bridge structures.

Layout Tours Tom Cook.pdf

Tom Cook - Delaware & Hudson 

Layout models Ticonderoga & Champlain Divisions of D&H.  Meticulous framework and track laying.  Rails & crossties are painted with attached fishplates for details.  Extensive staging yard trackage underneath main layout.  Switches have Tortoise machines. Scenery is hardshell and plaster castings over foam. Will feature working signals when completed.  Napierville Junction is a branchline off D&H main. 

Layout Tours Vinny DeRobertis.pdf

Vinny DeRobertis - New York & Hudson Valley RR

Heavy Urban layout, concentrated buildings and scenery.  Uses JMRI for 4 semi-automatic four train/subway/shuttle operations. As a bit of humor—water tower has Grateful Dead skeletons, Bates Hotel from Hitchcock’s Psycho, and Munster’s 1313 Mockingbird Lane house.  Manhattan West Side High Line under construction.   Duck under leads to center viewing section.

Layout Tours Cooper Dewiggins.pdf

Cooper Dewiggins -
Norfolk Southern

Layout based upon original Southern RR territory and industries from Lynchburg to Greensboro.  Custom made photo backdrop is blended into forefront scenery.  Hidden staging tracks.  Duck-under at top of stairs.   

Layout Tours Erik Dyke.pdf

Eric Dyke
Southern Pacific/Union Pacific

Freelanced rural California layout primarily SP/UP with occasional run-throughs from other western roads like AT&SF, NP.  Layout has two levels connected by hidden helix and staging yards.

Layout Tours Jack Dziadul.pdf

Jack Dziadul - Boston & Maine

The Boston & Maine Terminal Division is a fictional point to point switching layout inspired by B&M’s North Station and nearby industries.  The L-Shaped has a seven-track terminal for switching head end cars and local freight.  Layout has earned Master Builder Scenery and Structures awards. 

Layout Tours Dan Fisher.pdf

Dan Fisher - N&W

Hand-laid track & switches, Prototypical paper mill is focal point of scenic level, layout area has blue lighting for nighttime operations, painted backdrops with custom graphics made for paper mill.  Reminiscent of N&W Abington Branch.

Layout Tours Bob Gamble.pdf

Bob Gamble - Southern Rwy

Features a large yard, engine facilities, automated turn table, ten stall roundhouse, LCC controlled turnouts/block occupancy/ABS signaling, and a largely scratch built compressed model of the SRR New River Bridge.  Bob used digital photo compression software in his photographs to achieve significant depth of field. 

Layout Tour Greensboro CMR.pdf

Carolina Model Railroaders Club

Both layouts feature dual track running with multiple crossovers in an E-shaped configuration.  Large yard supports local/switching traffic.  HO layout has 1200 feet Code 83 mainline track, N Scale has 380 feet Code 80 mainline track.

Layout Tours Golden Est MR Club.pdf

Golden East MR Club

Humongous walk-around club layout features model of Amtrak’s Rocky Mount Station, harbor scenes, numerous industries, custom built structures and bridges.  Multiple peninsular extensions from backbone allow for extensive continuous running of trains.  Layout is built to modular standards for relocation.

Layout Tours Walter Hoffmann.pdf

Walter Hoffmann
Swiss Rhaetian Railway (RhB)

Layout features masterful selective compression of Albula Valley in Switzerland.  Has multiple stone viaducts and tunnels.  Scenery constructed of sculptured foam covered with resin castings. Spectacular recreation of famous LandWasser Viaduct.  Future extension will go down mountains to Bernina Pass into Italy.  

Layout Tours Rick Hollings.pdf

Rick Hollings
Aberdeen and Rockfish

Incredible detailed scenery, many custom built structures follow prototypes in Fayetteville NC area.  A&R interchanges with SCL and Southern RR’s.  One duck under to viewing area.

Layout Tours Mike Humble.pdf

Mike Humble - Minneapolis, Northfield and Southern Rwy

Twin Cities & Lake Superior ‘s Arrow Lines is a fictitious sub-division of MN&S.  Lower level mostly staging.  Grainger type prairie railroad, heaviest industry is farming related, small urban life.  Custom painted and decaled diesels.

Layout Tours Jamie Jordan.pdf

Jamie Jordan - Lehigh Valley

Estate-sized layout—models Lehigh Valley Allentown/Bethlehem Upper Lehigh Gorge territory.  Heavy duty construction and intended operations.  Slow motion Tortoise switch machines tied to sophisticated operational panels for local yardmasters to control.   Will have dedicated dispatcher area, has phone system for operator’s communication.

Layout Tours Jim Kalenowski.pdf

Jim Kalenowski - Lehigh Valley

Expertly detailed scenery, basically modelling Anthracite—Allentown area roads.  Has 63 Tortoise switch machines and tower operator control panels.  Future plans include expansion module featuring harbor car ferry/float dock. 

Layout Tours Jim Murphy.pdf

Jim Murphy
New Haven/Boston & Maine

Berkshire Short Lines is a free-lance interchange road between the larger NH and B&M.  Based upon his childhood home of Holyoke Massachusetts, it includes faithful modelling of such places like the Indian Motorcycle Factory. 

Jim’s layout was featured in the February 2016 issue Model Railroader.  Car staging is handled by multiple 8-foot trays on a rotating vertical trolley system designed by Danial Fisher, a member of CPD whose Norfolk & Western layout is also featured.

Layout Tours NRVMRC.pdf

Neuse River Valley MR Club

NRV has own club building (72 x 42’) and separate rooms for layouts.  HO and N share same room.  Layouts are built to modular standards for transport.  Each year the NRV sponsors two large train sows at the NC State Fairgrounds.

Layout Tours Charlie Rausch.pdf

Charles Rausch, MMR
Rio Grande Southern

Layout relives the late Golden Days of Otto Mear’s RGS.  Many custom-built structures and meticulous attention to details and scenery. Layout has frequent operating sessions using car cards and JMRI scheduling.  Hand laid switches, complex trackwork, Digitrax controlled turnouts.

Layout Tours Ken Reising.pdf

Ken Reising - Southern Pacific

Layout based on SP Prototype of Peninsular and Gilroy Subdivisions of SP California coastline north of Watsonville Junction. Layout has about 400 feet of mainline.  Supports 2 yards and 3 local switching runs.  Includes San Francisco Wharf Terminal.  Operating Signals with Dispatcher’s Panel made from actual L&N CTC Switch Console resurrected from scrapped equipment. 

Layout Tours Don Roback.pdf

Don Roback
Chicago Union Station

Urban Chicago Union Station, serves multiple railroads including PRR, CB&Q, etc.  Has hidden staging yards below main level.  Using Raspberry Pi with JMRI.  Custom benchwork done by CMR in Baltimore.  Many scratch-built/kit-bashed buildings.  Union Station among others were custom made by CMR.  Many other buildings custom 3D printed.

Layout Tours Mike Rossi.pdf

Mike Rossi - B&O 

Layout features working signals powered by custom designed Arduino sensors. Estate sized layout with hidden staging in lower level. Tortoise slow motion switch machines.  Rural Western Virginia/Maryland theme.

Layout Tours Lou Sassi.pdf

Lou Sassi - SR & RL RR

Excellent tour of layout on YouTube “Narrow Gauge Off the Beaten Track” Lou Sassi presents his SR&RL RR.  Also 2.5-hour interview on the Modelers Lifestyle – Lou Sassi.   Lou used Code 70 rail for sidings, mainline is code 83.  Uses Caboose Industries for turnout controlsGoogle Search on Lou Sassi for web pages.  Numerous publications.  Lou is an expert photographer.

Layout Tours Ken Smith.pdf

Ken Smith - South Durham Railway

The South Durham Railway provides the switching chores for interchange traffic from the Southern Railway and the Seaboard Coast Line. Layout features many kitbashed weathered buildings found in towns in NC along with details added. All motive power is sound equipped and weathered. Many custom painted/lettered and weathered freight cars are featured on the layout. Local people and workers are provided to make the scenery come alive!  A second phase is planned in an adjacent room to include grain facilities, staging, and a classification yard for interchange traffic. Ken's layout will be featured in a Lou Sassi's article for the October2024 issue of Model Railroader!

Layout Tours Marty Steele.pdf

Marty Steele - Southern

Has Arduino control ambient lighting on 12-minutes/24-hour fastclock simulating dusk and dawn transition. Nighttime features movie house marquee showing Muppet Movie with Kermit and Miss Piggy (definitely 1979).    Modelled childhood brick residence with interior details.